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CSA News
The Creation Science Association for Mid-America
Volume 31: (6)
June 2014
"It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man."
Psalm 118:8


In This Issue

“SAFARI REPORT: Western Kansas, 2014”
“Public School System Is Dangerous to Your Children”
“Common Core Update (YouTube Video)”
“Book Review:


An Introduction into the Science of Geocentric Cosmology


SAFARI REPORT: Western Kansas, 2014

by Douglas Roger Dexheimer


Hello, one and all!  I’m happy to report that our annual safari to western Kansas to search for fossils and evidence of GOD's creation was a success.  Not only did members of every family find abundant fossils, but every adventurer also enjoyed beautiful weather and a safe journey. 

Unanticipated discoveries of colorful desert flowers, cactus, and insect life were exciting surprises to all of us.

As we began to strike and pack our tents on Sunday morning, Josiah Thieme, age 8, happened to notice an enormous spider in the grass at his feet.  It appeared to have hundreds of tiny baby spiders crawling on its back.  During our visit to Wildcat Canyon a day earlier, Josiah’s father, Pastor Brian, noticed some curious activity near his feet, identifying the antics of dung beetles as they rolled a ball of “stuff” across the dried pasture.  None of us had ever seen these creatures in real life, so when I got home, I did a quick internet search and found this link:


Although this next link mentions evolution, it cannot explain the origin of the dung beetle:


We also recommend the following article at creation.com:


It features an article about “Greg,” who came to know the Creator after many years of personal drug abuse.  Since then, his study of ecology has reinforced in him the importance of knowing that God created everything in six days. Greg’s work with dung beetles underlines this concept.  He says:

Animals produce dung. Certain flies, such as the Australian native bush fly, breed in dung. And dung can also harbor diseases. However, when the correct dung beetles are present, they bury the dung, and problems with flies and disease virtually disappear. Furthermore, in burying the dung, dung beetles fertilize, or manure, the land. This helps the growth of pastures, which then benefits the cattle, sheep, etc., and the farmers! It also means that farmers can use much less of the fertilizers that acidify the soil and add to pollution of watercourses. Dung beetles also tunnel into the soil, providing channels for water infiltration. This reduces water runoff and soil erosion and increases the amount of water in the soil for pasture growth. Dung beetles transform a pollutant into an environmental and agricultural benefit!

I hope to send to other safari participants some of the photos that I took along the way, and I invite other participants to send their shots to me, so I can pass them on to the others.

Check out the Creation Science Association for Mid-America website for our safaris, meetings, and newsletter. www.csama.org


July Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, July 1st

“The Great Debate” DVD

moderated by Bob Farwell


Ken Ham, AiG president, is perhaps the most widely recognized creation-apologist in the world today. Ken Ham and AiG astrophysicist Dr. Jason Lisle engage Drs. Hugh Ross (Reasons to Believe) and Walt Kaiser (president of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary), both of whom are proponents of an old earth, no-global-flood view of Bible interpretation. In this eye-opening debate, well-mannered disagreement is punctuated by intriguing confrontations as these four Christian leaders communicate their views. Ham and Lisle implore Ross and Kaiser to accept the Genesis account of history as written, while Ross and Kaiser argue for their view that the first chapters of Genesis are more symbolism than history.



Monthly Meetings



(1st Tuesday of each month; content subject to change; no sign up or registration necessary.)

  • January 7th: “The Great Debate” DVD, moderated by Bob Farwell.
  • February 4th: “God Created Birds” DVD, moderated by Douglas Roger Dexheimer (cancelled due to weather).
  • March 4th: “The Mystery of the Cambrian Fossil Record” DVD, moderated by Bob Farwell.
  • April 1st: “Evolution vs. God” DVD, moderated by Kevin Anderson.
  • May 6th: “Noah Extravaganza,” by Kevin Anderson & Bill Cowherd.
  • June 3rd: “Radiometric Dating,” by Dave Penny.
  • July 1st: “The Great Debate” DVD, moderated by Bob Farwell.
  • August 5th: “Ice Age and Global Warming”  DVD, moderated by Kevin Anderson.
  • September 2nd: “Relativity and Creationism,” by Dave Penny.
  • October 7th: To be announced.
  • November 4th: “The Great Debate” DVD, moderated by Bob Farwell.
  • December 2nd: “Hegelian Implications,” by Dave Penny.

CSA Monthly Meeting Location

Westbrooke Church
9777 Antioch
Overland Park, KS 66121
10 blocks east of 69 Highway (or Switzer) on 95th St. to Antioch, south two blocks on Antioch, on east side of street.
Fellowship & book table: 6:15PM. Meeting: 7:00PM.

For detailed Monthly Meeting information:



byDouglas Roger Dexheimer


Creation Ministries International’s Dr. Robert Carter visited Lenexa, Lawrence, & Manhattan, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri on Saturday, May 3rd, through Monday, May 5th.  Dr. Carter is one of the world’s leading Christian researchers in the study of human genetics and how it relates to human biblical origins. The good news is that the Bible can really be trusted when it comes to such history, and particularly, in its account of creation as described in the book of Genesis.

As is the case with many Christians, Rob was challenged by college courses that slowly began to sap his faith. That is, until he discovered Creation magazine. When he realized, by reading what the magazine had to say, that science and religion are not in conflict with one another, his faith became stronger -- so much so, that now his passion is communicating this important truth to people everywhere.

I have met Dr. Carter a number of times at International Conferences on Creationism, and at the CMI SuperConference in Ashville, North Carolina in 2012.  His presentations have been timely and insightful.  He is an expert in genetics in general, and in the study of the human genome in particular.  I have enjoyed chatting with him about the genetics of mammals such as canines, felines, bovines, etc.  He has verified that all types of dogs are interfertile, and that the Y chromosome of every dog can be traced back to a single grey wolf -- a wolf that very likely rode out the Genesis flood in Noah’s ark.  When I asked him about cats and cattle, he replied, "We're working on their genetics now."  His research has given a real boost to the concept of baraminology --  the study of God’s originally-created kinds, as described in the book of Genesis.

Dr. Carter has exposed the diversionary tactics promoted by Dr. Francis Collins, head of the Human Genome Project.  Dr. Collins claims to be an evangelical Christian, but rejects the scriptural account of creation in Genesis.  His misleading statements in favor of evolution have given many Christians doubts regarding the truth of GOD's Word.  The controversy is spelled out in detail in an online CMI article.

The things [Collins] has been saying are completely opposed to what CMI believes and what the Bible clearly teaches. The rash of questions we have received of late center around his claims that there is no evidence for Adam and Eve and that there is no physical way we could have come from two ancestors in the recent past.1

Dr. Collins' initial worldview is the root of the problem, according to Dr. Carter:

It cannot be overstated that … [Collins and his theistic evolutionist colleague] are basing their conclusions on evolutionary assumptions. Specifically, they are appealing to common ancestry mutation/drift/selection as the sole explanation of human genetics.2

Dr. Carter tackles the controversy head-on.  He starts with the assumption that the Genesis account of creation is true, and develops arguments that show the validity of human genealogy starting with a single pair of humans.  He poses the question, "What would occur at the Flood, over a millennium and a half later, when the world population was reduced to eight people, with only three reproducing couples, of whom the three men are brothers?"3


This is a classic case of both sides of the issue looking at the same data, but determining their conclusions based on two opposing worldviews.


In conclusion, Dr. Carter says,

It is disingenuous for Biologos to claim no evidence for Adam and Eve for several reasons. First, their conclusions are based on evolutionary assumptions. One cannot legitimately claim something to be proven without testing the assumptions behind that claim. To do otherwise amounts to circular reasoning and question begging, and a rejection of any alternative theory following from this is thus reduced to nothing more than a straw man argument. Second, the majority of data fit nicely into the straightforward biblical model, including a single starting couple a mere 6,000 years ago. While there are several unresolved issues with the biblical model as it relates to the data at hand, the same can be said about every evolutionary model, so one cannot conclude that the Bible has been invalidated by the available evidence. Albert Einstein is rumored to have opined, “A thousand experiments cannot prove me right. A single experiment can prove me wrong.” This is sound logic. Francis Collins and BioLogos would do well to heed his advice.4

You can find many other interesting articles by Dr. Carter online, among them:

  • Is “mitochondrial Eve” consistent with the biblical Eve?
  • Could Adam and Eve have given rise to all the “races”?
  • Evolutionary syncretism: a critique of Biologos.
  • Harmony and discord.
  • Is there enough time in the Bible to account for all the human genetic diversity?
  • Adam, Eve, and Noah vs. Modern Genetics.
  • The Neutral Model of evolution and recent African origins.
  • Does genetics point to a single primal couple?
  • Theistic evolutionary doublespeak.
  • If evolutionists inspired Scripture.
  • The tragic toll of toxic teaching.
  • No keeper’s brother.

To access these biblical creation articles, go to www.creation.com, and search for articles by Dr. Robert Carter.  You won't be disappointed.


1 http://creation.com/historical-adam-biologos

2 ibid.

3 ibid.

4 ibid.


Creation Safaris by CSA

2014 Creation Safaris

  • March 28 (Friday, 7:30 PM) – Astronomy Safari (cancelled).
  • April 25 (Friday, 8:00 PM) – Astronomy Safari.
  • April 26 (Saturday) – Southeast Kansas Fossil and Mineral Safari.
  • May 30 (Friday, 8:30 PM) – Astronomy Safari.
  • May 24 - 26 (Saturday - Monday) – Western Kansas Safari.
  • June 7 (Saturday) – Photo/Nature Hike Safari at Overland Park Arboretum.
  • June 28 (Saturday, 8:45 PM) – Astronomy Safari. (cancelled)
  • June 19-21 (Thursday - Saturday) – A float trip down the Ozark River.
  • July 19 (Saturday) – Kansas University Natural History Museum Safari.
  • July 25 (Saturday, 8:45 PM) – Astronomy Safari.
  • Rock Bridge / Connor’s Cave Safari (not scheduled this year).
  • August 16 (Saturday) – Greater KC Fossil Hunt.
  • August 22 (Friday, 8:15) – Astronomy Safari.
  • Aug 29 - Sept 1 (Friday - Monday) – Southeast Missouri Safari.
  • September 19 (Friday, 7:30 PM) – Astronomy Safari.
  • Safari Zoological Park, Caney, Kansas (not scheduled this year).
  • October 18 (Saturday) – HaHa Tonka Safari.
  • October 24  (Friday,7:15 PM) – Astronomy Safari.
  • Bike Safari on the Katy Trail (not scheduled this year).
  • November 21 (Friday, 7:15 PM) – Astronomy Safari.
  • November 22 (Saturday) – Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge Safari.



You must register for any safari.

For safari details, and to register please visit:


or call

(816) 618-3610 or (816) 246-4517

Astronomy safaris only, call:



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Public School System Is Dangerous to Your Children

by Douglas Roger Dexheimer


Regular readers of this newsletter will recognize this as another in a series of articles exposing the dangers of the government-mandated Common Core Curriculum (CCC) in public schools.


The real danger of CCC became apparent in June or July of 2013, when we as creationists learned that it emphasizes the teaching of evolution.  This is like waving a red cape in front of a bull!  The teaching of evolution as proven fact is diametrically opposed to the interests of CSAMA, particularly since, for almost a decade, we have taken a leading role in rewriting the Kansas Science Standards.

Next, we became aware of the CCC’s systematic "dumbing down" of the entire school curriculum:

The nature of dumbing down varies according to the subject matter and the reason for the dumbing down, but it usually involves the over-simplification of critical thought to the degree of undermining the intellectual standards of language and of learning; thus tending to trivialise cultural, artistic, and academic standards, as in the case of popular culture.1

The next item with which we take issue is porn in the classrooms (described in a previous newsletter).  Finally, we find that the so-called new math is so convoluted that it is next to impossible for adults to follow what is being taught to their kids.

On May 18th, I received my web copy of World News Daily (WND).  The headline and article are alarming:



Would you keep a priceless, irreplaceable heirloom in a place where thieves could steal it, vandals could damage it or filth could tarnish it?


Well, if you're one of these Christians, you may be doing just that ....3

The article continues with the recommendation that Christians ought to “remove [their] children from the nation’s public schools.”  That’s the plea from E. Ray Moore, who has been taking his message public during his campaign for lieutenant governor in South Carolina.4  “If the evangelical community would step up and obey God in educating their own children, we could collapse the state model,” Moore told WND. “We’re feeding the monster by keeping our children there.”

Moore has served as a pastor, an Army chaplain, and, for the past 35 years, director and co-founder of Frontline Ministries Inc.  He currently serves as president of the board. He also founded Exodus Mandate, a ministry to encourage and assist Christian families in exiting the government school system."

I appreciate the stand that Mr. Moore has taken in the face of opposition.  This newsletter has continued to make this same recommendation since CCC first reared its ugly head.  I encourage you to read more of what Mr. Moore has to say at his Exodus Mandate website.

Let us know your thoughts in regard to removing your children from the public school system.  Send your comments to the editor link on the contact page at www.csama.org.


1 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dumbing_down

2 I’m not sure “sinning” is the best choice of words. Such wording appears to me to be another obvious slam of anything and everything Christian. I would have preferred, "Christians are not taking appropriate responsibility for the education of their children."

3 http://www.wnd.com/2014/05/claim-christians-sin-by-putting-kids-in-public-school/

4 http://raymooresc.com/



Common Core Update
(YouTube Video)


I just discovered this 47-minute video from Freedom Project Education, a John Birch Society affiliate. Please do yourself a favor and watch it. If you are not already strongly opposed to Common Core, you will be, after watching this excellent video.



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Book Review

by Bruce Scoggan



An Introduction into the Science of Geocentric Cosmology,

by Robert Sungenis, PhD (Physics)

Catholic Apologetics International Publishing, Inc., 2013, 239 pages, paperback (includes an auxiliary disc containing 24 interactive files which display many animations, including: Helio-Geo stellar aberration, Helio-Geo stellar parallax, Planet and Star annual and daily orbits, Ptolemy’s Cosmology, CMBR animations, Stonehenge Geocentric alignment, Foucault Pendulum, etc.)


This book presents the scientific evidence against the Copernicus Principle, which is the belief that the Earth resides in an insignificant corner of the universe having no dynamic center of mass. The author presents evidence from four recent space initiatives which indicate the Earth is the dynamic center of the universe, the Sun is the geometric center, and furthermore that the Earth is stationary and does not spin.

These four space initiatives mapped the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMBR) and the quasar galaxy distribution of the universe.  The apparent interpretation of the data is that the universe has a CMBR dipole and that it has an inherent spin aligned with the spin of the Earth. One astronomer cited in the book states, “The ... data clearly indicates the presence of an intrinsic dipole anisotropy which cannot be explained in terms of local [Earth-Solar] motion.”1 Another scientist claims to have confirmed this with a 99.6% confidence level.2 And yet another recent news article also challenges The Copernicus Principle.3

The book was not specifically written to dispute biological evolution.  However, the concept of a universe centered on, and spinning around, a stationary Earth is difficult to reconcile with the millions of years evolutionists require to support their notions of biological evolution.  First, a daily revolution of distant stars around the Earth would require different physics for the motion of matter, and different physics for the speed of light farther out in space than currently recognized. This would allow for the Biblical 6000-year timeframe since creation.  Second, Einstein believed the Lorentz-Fitzgerald contraction theory of rods (matter) in motion was valid.  If the Earth indeed was in motion, this contraction would result in an annual 3-inch reduction of the travel distance of the Earth around the Sun.4  After millions of years, this would wreak havoc with the Earth’s placement in the universe.  Einstein had two options for resolution of this problem.  His absolute yard stick could be (a) an immobile Earth against which everything else could be measured, or (b) a constant speed of light everywhere in the universe.  He chose option (b) which allowed him to propose his two theories of relativity with their radical new laws of physics.  He could thus keep the establishment view that the universe is millions of years old and that the Earth moves through space.  The Copernicus Principle would thus remain intact.  He was well aware of the theological, philosophical, and scientific ramifications of his two theories. The book’s author points out that Einstein’s two theories suffer from internal contradictions.  His special theory precludes the existence of an ether, yet his general theory requires it.

The book presents a very clear and understandable history of the various stellar observations and other experiments conducted in the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries to ascertain the motion of the Earth through space, including those of Frederick Bessell, Dominique Arago, James Bradley, Jean Foucault, Augustin Fresnel, George Airy, and especially the landmark experiments of Albert Michelson and George Sagnac.  These motions are explained from both the heliocentric and the geocentric perspectives.  All of the experiments and observations point to, or are compatible with,the notion of a geocentric universe. Edwin Hubble’s discovery of starlight’s red shift, and his expanding universe theory are discussed.  Hubble’s clearly anti-geocentric interpretation of the data is demonstrated by his statement, “the unwelcome supposition of a favored location [for the Earth] must be avoided at all costs.”5

The 1963 discovery that CMBR saturates the universe was hailed as firm support for the Big Bang theory and the Copernicus Principle. However by 1975 astronomers had begun to realize that this cosmic radiation was not as homogeneous throughout the universe as they had proclaimed, and that the CMBR indicated the universe was probably polarized with a specific non-homogeneous geometry pointing to the possibility of the Earth’s occupying the center of the universe.  Quasar maps of the universe were beginning to offer further support for this central location of the Earth. Astronomer R.P. Varsni wrote in 1975, “The Earth is indeed in the center of the universe.  The arrangement of quasars on spherical shells is only in respect to the Earth. These shells would disappear if viewed from another galaxy. This means the cosmological principle will have to go....  Consequently both the Special and General Theory of Relativity must be abandoned.”6 This nullification of the Big Bang Theory and Einstein’s theories was questioned by astronomer N.A Zuck in 2001 in an article in the International Space Journal; and in 2007, Dragan Huterer of the University of Michigan wrote an article in Astronomy Magazine entitled “Why is the Universe Cosmically Aligned?”7 His analysis of the 2001 WMAP space probe data convinced him that the newer CMBR mapping data points to a universe not centered only on the Milky Way, but specifically around a plane joining the Earth and the Sun, as if the Earth is the center of the universe.  In 2009 Michael Longo of the University of Michigan wrote a paper entitled “Evidence for Preferred Handedness of Spiral Galaxies,”8 in which he states that this “spin-handedness” spans the universe.  Longo believes, according to Sungenis,that the universe’s spin is clockwise.

Sungenis’ book presents a great deal of information regarding the debate between proponents of the heliocentric and geocentric positions.  He clearly reveals astronomers’ motives behind their invention of such notions such as dark energy and dark matter -- concepts for which no direct empirical evidence exists.  The evidence making the book particularly compelling is not simply the author’s presentation of direct source quotes, but also his provision of photocopies of the actual papers and wording as they appear in print. 

Dr. Sungenis is currently in the process of creating a video presentation of his evidence in a movie entitled “The Principle,” which is scheduled for release in the spring of 2014.    If the evidence presented in the book is true, then the Copernicus Principle will certainly require serious re-evaluation.  This will, in turn, serve to highlight the fact that philosophical biases tend to greatly influence one’s interpretation and presentation of scientific evidence.

The four space probes or telescopic initiatives cited in the book are:

  1. COBE Cosmic Background Explorer (NASA 1989)
  2. WMAP Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe ( NASA 2001)
  3. Sloan Digital Sky Survey (2005)
  4. Planck space probe (European Space Agency 2009)

Although this book reviewer does not endorse all the concepts presented in the books below, they do provide substantial discussion of Bible verses promoting a geocentric universe:

  1. Geocentricity, by GeradusBouw, PhD (Astronomy), Association for Biblical Astronomy, 1992. (Approximately 140 pages discussing biblical arguments for a geocentric universe plus 220 more pages discussing the scientific issues. Currently out of print.)
  2. A Geocenticity Primer -- The Geocentric Bible -- 7, by GeradusBouw, PhD. Second edition corrected and revised, 2004. (160 pages; contains most of the information in his Geocentricitybook, plus additional biblical information regarding a geocentric universe.)

1 Rahul Kothari, Abstract, Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology, June 13, 2013.

2 Mathias Rupart and Dominik Swartz, Astronomy & Astrophysics manuscript No. NVSS Dipole, July 25, 2013.

3 Ashok Singol, “Is there a violation of the Copernicus Principle in the Radio Sky,” Astronomy and Astrophysics Division, Physical Research Laboratory, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, India, May 2013.

4 According to Sungenis, Einstein accepted the F-L contraction but disagreed as to the cause.

5 Edwin Hubble, The Observational Approach to Cosmology,” pp. 50, 51.

6 Y. P. Varsni, “The Red Shift Hypothesis for Quasars,” Dept. of Physics, University of Ottawa, Canada, Sept 10, 1975.

7 DraganHuterer, “Why is the Universe Cosmically Aligned?”Astronomy Magazine, 2007, as cited by author.

8 Michael Longo, “Evidence for Preferred Handedness in Spiral Galaxies,”University of Michigan, 2009.



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