CSAMA is pleased to count a number of scientists and technologists among us.  Some have earned advanced degrees in science and/or technology.  Some are teachers.  Others are engineers or technicians. All of us are intensely interested in one or more aspects of science or technology and are anxious to share our special insights with those who want to know the truth about the science of origins. What follows is a brief background description of some of our staff.
Kevin W. Anderson - Kevin served in the electronics/electro-mechanics field for 6 years as a U.S. Navy enlistee.  He later obtained an associate’s degree in electronics and computer technology from DeVry Institute.  He has been working in the field of electronics for over 25 years. Growing up in rural Kansas, Kevin studied geology through his association with the 4-H Clubs. Seeing a creation science presentation as an adult rekindled his passion for geology and sparked in him a new interest in creation science.  Along with his ongoing personal study of the subject, he now shares his passion with others. He is currently examining geo-catastrophism and the character of natural information systems. His years of work in electronics continues to verify in his mind the notion that programs and the mechanisms that run them never benefit from random errors, and that such random errors cannot possibly account for the massive amount of information known to be stored in DNA.  Kevin, his wife Paula, and their son Nate attend Hope Lutheran Church in Shawnee, Kansas.
Martin Bartholow - Martin fell in love with science in elementary school and has taught Chemistry and Physics since the mid-70’s. It was shortly after returning from a tour of duty in Vietnam that he accepted Christ into his life while waiting to go back into graduate school to earn a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry. For decades now, Martin has been working toward combining his two “guiding lights” (science and theology) into a singly coherent package in which “the natural” and “the supernatural” can mutually augment one another. Scientists and theologians clearly share some common ground: both groups are exploring a boundless God who has created a nearly boundless universe; both must contend with a limited understanding of some basic principles; and the goal of both groups is to develop methods of saving human lives. Currently Martin is preparing apologetic material for students as they move into a modern and post-modern society that challenges fundamental values: the existence of absolute truth; competing values systems; and the idea of a physical resurrection of Christ, vs. the proposition that all religions are alike.
Kenneth (Ken) Carlson - Ken holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in mechanical engineering from the University of Illinois. He is a fuels consulting engineer, specializing in electric power utilities, particularly coal fired facilities. He is known worldwide for his expertise in energy applications and economics. His work has taken him into coal mines and utilities around the world. Since coal mines worldwide are exhibits of the geologic column, he has unique insights into the evidences for the Biblical account of creation. Currently Ken is a power plant and power plant fuel engineering and economics consultant and the owner of KC Energy Advisors, LLC. As such, he teaches classes on fuel and power plant management and economics. Ken is co-author of a major book on power plant engineering. His creation science specialties include the origin of coal, the Genesis flood, and Mount St. Helens as an illustration of the mechanisms leading to the formation of many parts of the geologic column and other striking geologic features.  Ken and his wife Susan attend Colonial Presbyterian Church in Kansas City, Missouri.
Doug Roger Dexheimer - As a grammar and high school student in Chicago, Doug often participated competitively in Chicago’s school science fairs. Later, as a co-op student with the Metropolitan Sanitary District of Greater Chicago, he gained experience in sludge and methane burning technology, and went on to earn his Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology.   He learned marine boiler and multiple fuel burner technology during a five-year stint at a large east coast shipbuilding firm.  Later, during nearly thirty years as a consulting engineer, he helped design control systems for coal, oil, gas, nuclear, and multi-fueled power plants, both domestically and internationally.  Doug helped start, and now assists in editing content on, the CSAMA website, serves as interim editor of the CSAMA Newsletter, and helps lead many of our CSAMA safaris. He is an amateur geologist and rock hound. In order to attain a conversant level in various fields of discipline, he has completed a number of courses in the geology and biology departments of a local community college.  In 2001, Doug took advantage of an opportunity to change his career course in pursuit of his longstanding interest in pipe organs and their restoration. He has installed restored pipe organs and upgraded instruments in a number of churches around the U.S.  Doug currently serves as the worship services organist at Overland Park First Assembly of God.
Bob Farwell - Bob holds a B.A. in Physical Science from San Diego State University. Since 1970 Bob has taught classes in Earth Science, Physical Science, Chemistry and Mathematics. He lives in Raytown with his wife Debbie and their daughters Amanda, Alyssa and Nikki. They attend Beacon Freewill Baptist Church in Raytown, Missouri, where he is currently serving as interim pastor. Since Bob’s favorite hobby is fossil hunting, he leads most of the CSAMA creation safaris in which fossil hunting is involved. Bob's creation science specialties are geology, the fossil record, geologic ages, dinosaurs, and the falsehood of presumed evidence for human evolution.  Because he enjoys canoeing and fishing, he organizes and conducts numerous float trips down the streams and rivers of southern Missouri.
. Mary Jefferson - Mary holds a B.A. in Sociology from UMKC. She has four children with her husband, Jim. With her background in sociology, Mary's special interests include philosophy and world views, and their impact on men and nations.  Mary’s particular specialty is Egyptian chronology, and she has presented a number of stimulating lectures on the synchronicity of the Hebrew and Egyptian thrones.
  Mark Matthews  - Mark holds a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering and serves as an environmental compliance specialist. He and his wife homeschool their three daughters. Mark has done some fascinating original research on the implications of the "natural nuclear reactor" at a uranium mine in the Oklo region near the town of Franceville, in the Haut-Ogooué province of the Central African state of Gabon. He has also done some fascinating research on the true age of bristlecone pines, which are claimed to be thousands of years old, and on the claims of dendrochronologists who claim they have constructed a master chronology back 8,000 years or more. 
Larry Rink - Vice President of CSAMA, Larry earned his B.S. from Kansas State University. Larry and his wife Sherry homeschooled their daughter, Lindsay and son, Joshua.  Larry and Sherry attend Nall Avenue Baptist Church in Prairie Village, Kansas. Larry's hobbies include astronomy, fossil hunting, and camping. He maintains the CSAMA Creation Lending Library and has been active in creation study and teaching for many years. His creation science specialties include astronomy, early earth history, the fossil record, and the geologic column.  Larry conducts all of CSAMA’s astronomy safaris.

Thompson F. (Tom) Willis - President of CSAMA, Tom received his B.S. in Physics, and M.A. in Statistics from the University of Missouri, Columbia, where he also spent two years as a research consultant in statistics and numerical analysis at the Computer Research Center. For the next ten years he continued working in university research, mostly as a Senior Systems Engineer in information systems. He left his "city job" for "early retirement" in 1987, freeing himself to spend more time in creation science. Tom and his wife Penny have homeschooled their children, David, Joshua, and Grace, . At this writing (2014), David and Josh are now involved in college or careers of their own.  Tom continues to perform research, and deliver speeches on the nature and philosophy of science, the origin of life, the created kinds and man, geology, dinosaurs, the Ice Age, the Genesis flood, purported human evolution, radiometric dating, and the age of the earth. Because of his background, he also does work in age-dating methodologies, the velocity of light, physics, and related topics. Tom served as a leader in the notorious "Kansas Science Standards War," as well as being a long-term leader of the creation science movement in the Midwest. As such, Tom has figured prominently in interviews and articles by many international media outlets including Reuters, BBC, The New Scientist, Geo (the "European National Geographic"), 20-20, CBS, NBC, NPR, and, of course, local radio and television, as well as print media such as the Kansas City Star and Lawrence Journal World.

Tom has written two books, Real Scientists Just Say NO! (To Evolution), and The Origin of Caves, and has co-authored, with David Brown, Ape Men - Science or Myth?


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