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Kevin Anderson

Information in Nature - Where did it come from?

Probability theory teaches information will not arise by chance. Empirically, information has never been observed to arise by any process other than creation. Information requires a person or system to interpret it. Probability analysis shows no hope for such a system arising naturally. Empirically, no such interpretive system has ever been observed to arise in nature. Every such system, and there are many, either required acts of Creation, or already existed (that is, was a human being, that many pretend evolved from "nature").

Ken Carlson

Of This They Are Willfully Ignorant - 1 Peter 3: Global, Infallible Evidence for the Genesis Flood.


Ken's slides clearly falsify the notions of organic sediments in swamps as well as the idea that fossils and rock seams are the result of slow deposition.


The Eruption of Mount St. Helens

Life-sized Lab in Rapid Formation of Sediment Layers, Canyons and Even Coal.

Ken's expertise as an international fuels consultant, artifacts gathered from around the world, and research slides and data from several sources make this presentation virtually infallible proof that major geologic formations not only occurred rapidly, but could not have occurred slowly.


Global Coal Deposits as Evidence for the Genesis Flood

Ken is a global fuels consultant who has visited coal mines and many other fossil sites all over the world and recently authored the chapter on fossil fuels for a major new textbook. For some 15 years he has accumulated data, artifacts and pictures that tell a dramatically different story about coal than other textbooks.


The Genesis Flood - Religious Myth or Historical Fact?

Discussion of the geologic history of the world is virtually always influenced by the religion of the speaker. What I have observed is that opponents of a global flood claim the flood view is "just religion" but expend far more time and energy discussing religion than proponents of the flood. The reason? Explaining the physical evidence demands a global flood essentially like that described in Scripture. Opponents of Scripture must engage in name-calling to divert attention from the lack of evidence for their their floodless or local-flood position.

Bob Farwell


Two of the great myths of modern science are that dinosaurs lived 65 millions years ago and their (largely) extinct life status is some sort of great mystery. Using humor, science, history, and the communication skills of a good teacher, Bob deals with these myths very effectively.


Geologic and Fossil Evidence for the Genesis Flood

Virtually every fossil you find is evidence for the Genesis Flood. Why? Well, for one reason, we never find fossils forming today like we find already formed. Bob has been an avid fossil collector from his youth. His collection, humor and message content make this an irresistible session.


Textbook Evidence for Evolution

Most Americans have been presented evolution in a classroom at least once. Some seem to ignore or laugh at it. Others will insist that the evidence for evolution is overwhelming. Those of us in this ministry have encountered many of the latter, but have observed a universal pattern: when pressed for examples, their memory always seems to fail them. A professional teacher, Bob has 15 biology textbooks of his own. Why don't you sit quietly just once and analyze with him the real nature of these "great proofs" of evolution?


Ape Men - Science or Myth

Since around 1860, a very few folks have "earned" their living by finding pieces of dead apes and declaring them to be human ancestors...and pieces of dead humans and declaring them "primitive" (and other very scientific titles). Interestingly, many folks have opinions on the truth of these various claims, but few have really examined the evidence, much less the "reasoning process" applied to the evidence. Bob does it with thoroughness, style and humor. An entertaining and very educational session. Ages 10 and up.


Relevance of Creation

Bob used to teach evolution and even pyramid power in his science classes. When he repented of that and began to teach the truth, he was threatened with dismissal. He was told to think over his alternatives, but before giving an answer, was transferred from science to math. He now has empirical as well as Biblical information to share on "The Relevance of Creation."


Age of the Earth - Evidence for a Young Earth

Charles Darwin often admitted in print that it was "evidence" for an old Earth that had primarily caused him to discard his Bible.This is one of several sessions we do to help rectify this false notion.


They Are Without Excuse... - The Marvels of Nature

"For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse." (Romans 1:20). This Biblical passage clearly states that natural science proves the existence of God, and that every person knows it, without any training in science. How can that be? Listen and look while Bob gives you a tour of the animal kingdom.


Mysteries of Ancient Civilizations

The more we learn about ancient man, the more technology we find he had. Is it really possible for an evolutionist to explain such high technology by the earliest men?


The Wonders of Nature

In Romans 1:20 we learn God's position on whether creation is science: "For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities--his eternal power and divine nature--have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse." Here we see that God insists the evidence is so overwhelming that man has no excuse for failing to acknowledge that the "natural world" was created by Him. To what is God referring? Bob has quite an assortment of pictures and information from God's creation from which you can get a pretty good idea.


The Fossil Record - What Does it Really Tell Us?

Since evolutionism has no success in the laboratory or in the field, they have always depended heavily on stories about the meaning of fossils as their primary apologetic argument. For nearly 200 years, they have told stories, and claimed their stories were “science,” but do they really stand up under scrutiny? Your first clue should be that “science” does not consist of stories about what may have happened in the distant past. Science is supposedly about postulates describing the current operating characteristics of the Cosmos, each of which must experience 100% experimental success. Evolution experiences 100% experimental failure.


Mathematics in Nature and the Nature of Mathematics

It is often claimed that mathematics is the one subject which cannot be taught from a distinctly Biblical perspective. Bob does not agree and has been violating that claim for quite a few years. Like other aspects of science, in Math, we frequently find that God was using the principles before man was even on the scene to pretend he invented mathematics.


UFO's, ET's and the Bible

Claims of UFO sightings have occurred all over the world for many centuries. Since the 1930's belief in extraterrestrial life has escalated dramatically. A recent US Gallop Poll indicated 50% of adults believe intelligent life exists on other worlds in the cosmos. Interestingly, Gallup also finds that about 50% believe in evolution. Is there a connection? A small percent of UFO phenomena seem to defy natural laws. Are they real? Where do they come from? What is their purpose? How should people with a Biblical Creation Worldview approach one of the great mysteries of all times? What insights can we glean from God's Word concerning UFO phenomena? You may be surprised to learn there are sound answers to these questions.

Mary Jefferson

Egyptian History 101

The history of Egypt is of immense interest to God's enemies and his people, simply because Israel and Egypt intersect so often. Typically, scholars claim they cannot find support for Biblical history in the history of Egypt. Mary has devoted much of her personal and academic life to the study of Egypt. In this session, she will mostly review the history as taught by unbelieving scholars.


Egyptian History and the Bible - Three Reconciliation Theories

Mary admirably restrained herself in her first session as she outlined the world's view of Egyptian history. She even let the audience draw it's own conclusion, which should be, "As it is taught, the secular history of Egypt cannot be reconciled with the Bible." With insight, one might add, "That is why it is taught that way." References to Israel in Egypt are almost non-existent, but there are hundreds of references to Egypt in the Bible. Why? When was the Flood? When did Joseph go to Egypt? When was the Exodus? In this lecture, Mary presents three "reconciliation" theories. She does not consider them all equal.

Mark Matthews

European Biological Thought in the 1800's - Why Was Darwin Accepted?

Was real science in Europe truly converted to Evolvo Science? Was Darwin accepted because he truly solved problems in biology? Or was he accepted because he developed a "science" that society was eager to accept?


Horses, Moths and Finches - Evolution or Creation?

The Bible teaches these are separately created kinds (Hebrew: min) of animals. Evolutionism teaches these kinds are all derived from a common ancestor by change and selection. In evolvothink diversity within kind, mutation, and adaptation are all "proofs of evolution." However, these processes are all consistent with the Biblical account of origins. How can we learn to recognize these pseudo-proofs of evolution?


Radiometric Dating - Does this clock work?

Many methods are used to date the earth, the vast majority of which indicate that the earth is young. One family of methods, seems to indicate that the earth is old -- "radiometric dating."

Before you base your life on the idea that these methods "refute" the Bible, it would be wise to learn whether you can rely on them. We'll look at the basics of radiometric dating leading us to an answer to the question: "How good is this clock?" Mark has a degree in nuclear engineering.


Bristlecone Pines - Are They Really That Old?

Only after many years of acceptance of Peppered Moth experiments as true, with only the conclusions debated, did someone question, and prove, that Peppered Moths never light on tree trunks. Likewise, nearly everybody believes there are 4000+ year old Bristlecone Pines. Not Mark Matthews, an environmental engineer with a degree in Nuclear Engineering. He has devoted extensive effort studying tree-growth research in general, and Bristlecone in particular. He believes there are compelling reasons to suspect that the oldest Bristlecone pine may be less than a thousand years old. Since many researchers use Bristlecone Pine "ages" to calibrate Carbon Dating, the implications of his theory are interesting and broad.


The Oklo "Natural Reactor - Evidence for Changing Atomic Constants

Mark's degree in Nuclear Engineering probably sparked his interest in the fact that all published reports about the Oklo Uranium Mine agreed that, at least once in history, part of the deposits behaved as a "natural nuclear reactor." Cursory examination of the site led Mark to conclude this was impossible. Further investigation fully convinced Mark the site could not possibly support a chain nuclear reaction, unless "nuclear constants" had changed over time. Then, the evidence at the site could correctly support the idea of a "natural reactor." But, if nuclear constants have changed, a minority theory, but one receiving more support each year, then many "scientific dating methods, " including radiometric dating and light from distant stars, are, even more clearly, invalid.

Mark McCalmon

Creation Evangelism - Part I - Developing an Apologetic Character

How would you answer someone who said that belief in the claims of Christianity was equivalent to belief in a flat earth? What will the Church do when the majority of the culture believes that way? If we as a people do not begin to develop an "apologetic character" that is exactly where we will end up.

Mark will present some of the reasons why Christianity is on its way to becoming a "harmless delusion" if we do not learn to defend our beliefs.


Creation Evangelism - Part II - Practical Application

Mark and a panel share how they have been able to use the information they have heard at CSA and gathered elsewhere about the creation/evolution issues to train believers and to open conversations with nonbelievers.

Larry Rink

Astronomy and Origins - An Update

Larry will review recent discoveries and claimed discoveries in the field of astronomy and the claims and counterclaims regarding their impact on origins theories.


The Heavens Declare the Glory of God

The Bible says, "The Heavens Declare the Glory of God;" the science texts and TV shows proclaim "The heavens declare the glory of evolution." Where is the truth amid these claims?


History of the World as Told By God

Almost everyone has an opinion about origins, but few really know, or understand either of the two most prominently believed possibilities: 1. Biblical Creation and 2. Evolution. If (1) is true, it is undoubtedly vital to every human being to know what this God said and did. Conversely, if one has rejected, or is considering rejection, of God's claimed role in history, it seems equally vital to thoroughly understand the basis of that rejection, which, for most, is purportedly the "Science of Evolution." Larry will outline and contrast these two most popular versions of origins.


The Ice Age, Where Does It Fit?

Many people are confused by "The Ice Age." Where does it fit? How long was it? Was there more than one? The Bible and Science both show that The Ice Age was a direct result of events during and after the Genesis flood.

Tom Willis

Why Are Redbirds Red?

A bright 6-year old gave the standard answer, "To help them get a mate?" "Then, why are pheasants brown?" Same girl + many others, "To help them hide?" "How do redbirds, bluebirds and crows hide?" Silence. "Redbirds painted brown still mate properly" Silence. "Why do animals migrate?" "To escape the cold?" "How about salmon?" "To Spawn." "Sea turtle babies migrate 3000 miles horizontally to a place they've never been, do they escape the cold?" Finally: "Because God made them that way?" Close, but no cigar. Do you know the answers?


Science versus Truth

Few people realize that the leadership of the "scientific community" has declared war on truth. They despise truth as much as they hate God. But they don't really hate religion, because that is what science has become. What is really going on? How did we get to where we are? Was there really ever a "good" period in the history of science, or was Rushdooney right (In The Mythology of Science)? Is there any hope for improvement?


What Is Science and How Does It Relate To Discussions of Origins?

Many people do not want to spend any time on this topic...then they realize it is foundational to the creation/evolution debate. In college it is called "Philosophy of Science," in seminary, "Epistemology." In either case, properly taught, it could be titled: "Science, Mythology, and Faith - How Do You Tell Them Apart... and Are You Really Sure?"


The Origin of Life - The Myth of Chemical Evolution

Every public school in the area has a chapter on "chemical evolution" causing the origin of life. A child should be able to demonstrate the absurdity of this claim.


The Origin of Kinds - The Great Proofs of Evolution

Demonstrates that no specialized knowledge of science is needed to recognize the absurdity of every major proof of evolution. We will review 10 "Great Proofs" of evolution, and show that: 1. none are even rational, 2. all provide excellent evidence for creation. If you understand this material you should win every debate with evolutionists.


Age of the Earth - The Myth of Uniformitarian Geology

The greatest deception regarding the age of the Earth does not come from radiometric dating. Most people haven't the foggiest idea what it is, and those who do don't believe it. Rather, the most convincing "proofs" of an ancient Earth come from relic geologic formations, stories about what caused them, and how long it took. A complete system of mythology in its own right, "uniformitarian geology" has caused the most deception, even among those who have never even heard the term. This presentation discusses several famous types of geologic formations (e.g., Grand Canyon, caves) and shows in simple terms how absurd the "uniformitarian" view is, and how obvious the correct view is when it is presented.


Is Creation Science?

A favorite claim of evolutionists everywhere is that their beliefs about the past are science, but creation is religion. What is really true? What does the Bible really say? Is Creation science, faith, or both?


The Origin of Fossils and Rocks - The Myth of Uniformitarian Geology

Darwin was sold on millions of years by a Lawyer, Charles Lyell, whom he read while on his famous world cruise. Was Lyell right? Or did he just make a sucker out of Darwin and many others?


The Origin of Caves and Cave Formations

An evaluation of current cave theory and of a new theory which suggests caves and their formations formed in much less than 500 years in the Ice Age.


Evolution vs Creation... The Battle for the Minds and Hearts of Our Children

While the origins controversy does involve science to a small extent, the fuel for the flames is religious and political. And the real source of that fuel, as well as the hot air that fans the flames, is not, nor has it ever been, "the religious right." The real heat is generated by a rather small bunch of fanatical, religious zealots, whose goal is to take over society and to establish an anti-Christian, Fascist, world state. The chief political vehicle for the assault is control of the minds of the children.


Dinosaurs - The Whole Truth

Dinosaur bones from Russia were on display at Crown Center in Kansas City for several months in 1999. Our kids were bored and I could find no purpose to the display, until I offered the kids cash awards for writing down the most occurrences of the word "million" and all the evidence for it. They had a ball. They found "million" on every placard, but absolutely no supporting evidence.


National Science Standards: What are they? What do they mean?

The National Science Foundation and many others are aggressively pushing for National "Science" Standards. Presently, Kansas is evaluating standards largely copied from the NSF "standard." A citizens group and some wise School Board members took the academic and media establishments by surprise, proposing alternate standards that require (Heaven forbid) teaching science in science classes. This is one of the most important public issues in many years.


Scientific Evidence for Creation (Really: Scientific Proof of a Creator)

The presentation uses the Scientific Method of Bacon, Descartes, and Popper, and the definition of science pushed by the National Academy of Science. We will show that, there are mutations, there is change and some adaptation, there does exist chemical, molecular, DNA and structural similarity between animals, and it is possible to produce an "attractive tree," but evolution, (molecules to life, scum to apes, or apes to man) as believed and taught to children and the lay public, is not now, nor has it ever been science, much less true.


Were Dinosaurs on the Ark? Understanding the Biblical Answer to Racism.

A scientist's comment on the unlikeliness of getting dinosaurs on the Ark is used as an analogy to show how the Bible, when used as a foundation for truth, leads to the correct answers for all human quests, including answers to the origin of man, race and racism.


Christianity and Origins: "Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

Where should Christians draw the line? Not the line of what they will fight over, the line that says "I don't go there because God doesn't." "Is there really any conflict between Christianity and science?" "Just what does God say about origins in the Bible?" "Can a Christian believe in an old earth?" "Couldn't God have used evolution?" "Couldn't the days of creation have been long?" "Aren't there gaps in the chronologies?" "Perhaps the origins narratives are mostly symbolic." Our goal is to "rightly divide the word of truth" (2 Timothy 2:15) on these key issues. The Bible gives rather complete answers on all these which are 100% compatible with true science. There is, and will remain, conflict between the Bible and false science.


Feathered Dinosaurs - Fraud, Deception, or Science?

First it was big news, now it is a monthly affair, another new "feathered dinosaur!" Have dinosaurs been found with feathers? Are the feathers real? Are they fraud? What does the label "Feathered Dinosaur" mean? Is the latest "discovery" "a nightmare for the Creationists to adapt to" as claimed by Alec Ritchie of the Australian Museum?


Ape Man: Science or Myth?

A thorough review of the major "evidence for human evolution" showing the actual fossil material, how it was "interpreted" and "reconstructed" by its happy discoverers, and how it was presented to the public. All will point to the theme proposed by Rushdooney and others (paraphrased): "The purpose of mythology is control of history. From history comes meaning and purpose. Thus the purpose of mythology is always to control history, in order to make meaning and purpose subject to, and amenable to fallen man."


The Age of the Earth - Using Radiometric Dating

Does Radiometric Dating give us any coherent picture of Earth Age? Only if you leave out the vast majority of rocks tested.


The Age of the Earth - Using Geologic Formations

Stories of an old earth really got rolling with James Hutton, a failure at law, medicine and farming, who became an "expert" at geology. Then "true geology" really got its foundation from a British lawyer named Charles Lyell. Was what they said good science or bad philosophy?



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