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The terminology "shut-ins" refers to the idea that the river is "shut into" a very narrow breadth by a very hard igneous rock.  The river flows through many rivulets over and around the harder igneous rocks.  These smoothed rivulets form a natural water park, which is used as such by many of the park's visitors when the water is not dangerously high.

One of the falls at Johnson's Shut-Ins

The Most Popular "Swimmin Hole" in Missouri


An interesting cascade results when a river works its way through hard igneous rocks. The igneous layers at this location are at an angle across the river valley. Conventional wisdom claims water erosion for many years has worn away the layer of hard rhyolite rock, but it may have been eroded by hydrothermal vents, acid, or ice following cracks in the layer that existed before the river wore into it.


Not shown here are several levels of cascading falls. Among them are pools of all depths. Some you can jump into from 10 feet above, some you just slide into. The water is crystal clear. Just below the Shutins is a beach and a large pool with several "jumping sites." Just above the Shut-Ins is a shallow pool for toddlers, seniors and chickens. God plans everything well. Wear tennis or water shoes, not sandals (unless they strap on snugly).

Elephant Rocks

Huge pink granite rocks, with rounded edges, give this formation the name "Elephant Rocks". Safari participants learn that these unusual igneous rocks were probably cracked into large chunks as the granite cooled on the surface, and were subsequently worn down by weathering since Noah's day, into the rounded, separated, giant boulders we see here.

Hot Dogs Always Taste Better Outdoors.

One of the treats we usually enjoy on this Safari, is good food cooked on a campfire. The old adage, "Too many cooks spoil the broth", does not apply to hot dogs!

Kettle Corn Casserole Cook-Out

The men give the ladies a break on this year's safari cook-out.

A Granite Swimming Pool With Waterfalls.

Some swimmers enjoy the Shut-Ins on a Labor Day Weekend.

Devil's Honeycomb: Rhyolite Columns

Elephant Rocks: Red Granite Quarry

Taum Sauk Power Plant

Here is a view from the air of the upper reservoir for the Taum Sauk Pumped Storage Power Plant.

Friends Make Safaris Fun

Josh & Grace Willis with pals; Chelsea Swank, Mike Kailer & Zach Gilliland near Pea Ridge Iron Mine.

Giant Elephant Rock

Here is a close up shot of just one of the huge granite rocks safari participants see at Elephant Rocks.

Table Talk

Another great aspect of this safari, besides all the sights there are to see, is the chance to fellowship together.



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