Rock Bridge Cave Tour

(Near Columbia, Missouri)

Safari Highlights

Karst Topography at Rock Bridge State Park:

Caves, Sink Holes, Natural Bridge, etc.

Entrance to the "Devil's Icebox" at Rock Bridge State Park.

Map to Rock Bridge State Park.

Typical Karst Features Abound at Rock Bridge State Park

Classical Karst Topography


Typical Karst features are well illustrated at Rock Bridge State Park: Caves, Underground Rivers, Sink Holes, Springs, Natural Bridges and porous rock. It is all found in the small area of Rock Bridge Park, in abundance. But how did it all form? We will learn that most of it formed in the very short space of a few hundred years, and even cave decorations (stalactites, etc.), in spite of the slow rates frequently observed today, could have all formed in less than a hundred years.

The Devil's Icebox at Rock Bridge State Park

Exiting a real Wild Cave at Rock Bridge State Park. We will tour the sinkhold portion of "The Devil's Icebox, the tour Conners Cave near the one shown here.


Be sure to wear "water shoes" or old tennis shoes. There is water to walk in, which delights kids, but occasionally worries moms.


Saturday typical agenda: Brief introduction to Karst, Lecture and tour of sinkhole and cave led by park naturalist, CSA seminar on the origin of Caves and Karst.


Rock Bridge Safari Highlights of 2005

Safari participants meet as a group at the entrance, before beginning the safari.

The safari has begun; walking into Rock Bridge.

Down into the Devil's Icebox.
One of the kids finds a twilight zone frog.



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