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Ozark Stream Float

Safari Highlights


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North Fork of the White River - 2009 Ozark Stream Float

Current River - 2008 Ozark Stream Float

An aerial view of the river.

Canoeing on the Current River.

Optional cabin accommodations.


Gasconade River - 2007 Ozark Stream Float

The beautiful Gasconade river.

Gasconade Hills Resort Campground

Optional cottage accommodations.


Eminence Canoes, Cottages and Camp - 2005 Ozark Stream Float

Eminence Campground

A routine catch???

A great "Shut-in"

Optional Cottage Accommodations

What a View

Optional Tubing Rental.
Kids not included in rental fee.


Elk River Campground - Site of the 2003 Ozark Stream Float

We start out paddling canoes, floating along the stream, observing the evidence of creation all around. The Missouri Ozarks have many springs, which feed into brooks and streams, which flow together into Rivers. This safari is an opportunity to splash and get refreshed in the cool, clear, water.


Ozark Stream Floats are a Bit Laid Back

Craig Pugh, the unofficial champion cook of CSA Safari's, enjoys his camping. CSA Cars are in the background, near the North Fork of the White River, one of Southern Missouri's Crystal Clear Streams!


The North Fork of the White River

Site of Several Ozark Stream Floats

David Willis and a pal get ready to shove off.

The North Fork of the White River - After the Float - A Little R & R

Josh Willis and a few of the kids take advantage of the cool, clear White River.


The river valleys were NOT eroded by the rivers, only the small gully where the river flows, and a little more, was caused by the river itself.. All rivers exist because water runs downhill. The valleys, which were formed by other causes, already existed. The water, guided by gravity flows down to the lowest path on it's way to the sea. These are all aspects of the hydrologic cycle.


>We'll float and paddle through river valleys untouched by much modern development. The area appears the same today as it did for thousands of years. Great fishing! We'll also see wild life along and in the stream.


Part of the Group Discussion Circle

You never know where these things will lead.
A small ancient river flowing thru this small cave is supposed to have caused the quite large "Grand Gulf" of Missouri.

The State Park Sign



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