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Scenes on the KATY Trail Near Rocheport, Missouri

The KATY trail follows the old KATY railroad bed in the Missouri River bottoms. The trail is level, but backed by the river on one side and the bluffs on the other. In the Fall, the typical beauty turns to splendor.

Near Rocheport

Here is but one example of the start of Fall Splendor along the KATY Trail.


In addition to the beauty, there are some real lessons about our Creator that can be gleaned from these surroundings.

"Splendor in the Trees and Water"

Here are some lessons awaiting us:

  • The Missouri River did not make its own valley. Rather, the river was caused by the existence of the valley. Remember, in real science, water does tend to run downhill. If a valley and sufficient rainfall exist, the valley will contain a river.
  • The valley formed very quickly, the river, when discovered by Europeans, was about three feet deep and had a mud bottom. It may have carved a little mud, but had probably very little to do with the bluffs, which were caused by (a) catastrophic event(s).
  • When our Father does it, he can produce beauty from catastrophe.



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