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Typical Fossils of Eastern Kansas City

To the left is an assortment of the fossils we typically find in the morning on this safari.


This safari is really a tour of the perimeter of Kansas City, from Unity Village fossil graveyards on the east, north on I470 to another fossil bed, on north to the "caves" in the Bethany Limestone, then west into Kansas shales.


Below is a "Crinoid," but it is Really a "Sea Lily," Which is an Animal

Yes, you read that right. The Crinoid, supposedly many millions of years old, is identical to the "modern sea lily," which is really an animal. It does not "root" to the ground, but the base acts as a foot, enabling the creature to move about.


To make matters more interesting, we find many fossil pieces of this critter, but we typically do not find it looking like this. Rather, we typically find short pieces of stem containing several of the "segments" illustrated. If you are diligent, however, you can eventually obtain a relatively complete creature.


Fossils Graveyard Near "Unity School of Christianity"

Unity is one of those "Christian" organizations that promotes it's own version of the Bible, which includes millions of years. "Old-Earth-Christianity" inevitably has its roots in the "Geology" of the 1800's which held that nearly everything happened gradually. Ironically, almost within a stones throw of their headquarters, we find an outcropping of this brachiopod mass kill/burial, which covers hundreds of square miles, and clearly happened quickly.


Fern Fossils SW of Kansas City
Clear Evidence of the Absence of Time in "The Fossil Record"

We typically do not get to this site on this outing, because of the danger to children, and because the owners are sensitive to the "risk of lawsuits." However, a more clear proof of the farce of slow historical rock deposition need not be offered. These fern fossils are quite fragile, yet some of them protrude through "thousands of years" of supposed "geologic time."

This leaf is flat in the rock strats.

The key is laying parallel to the flat bedding planes. The leaves, if "old earthism" were true would have to have lain there 500 years awaiting burial, with its stem on the ground and its leaves sticking up into the air.

In this case, the stem and leaves protrude almost vertically through the bedding planes, about two inches. Thus, without roots, the stem would need to have stood erect for about 2000 years awaiting complete burial. Of such stuff is the faith of "old earth geology" made. Can you imagine a piece of fern standing upright for thousands of years, with no roots, only pieces of limb, waiting to be fossilized??



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