Camp Genesis Safari



Camp Genesis will be held at The Berry Patch which is just south of Kansas City. Click here for a map.


A few of the featured activities include: tent camping, seminar, fossil hunts, nature hikes, blackberry picking, scavenger hunt, fishing and even make some fossils of our own. Come join us on this wild adventure in God's creation. The theme of Camp Genesis is "The History of the World as Told by God."


Nerluc: The official Berry Patch greeter. Generally harmless, he has eaten a few dozen folks. Learn how he got here from France.


Make your own fossil with plaster.

Loaded blackberry bushes.

The “Geologic Column,” composed mostly of water deposited rock, is supposed to represent the history of the earth. But, does it? Over “200 million years” of the “last 500 million” are missing in Kansas City. Trees and other fossils protrude through “thousands to hundreds of millions of years” of sedimentary rocks. Can a dead tree really stand upright that long waiting to be fossilized? Can a piece of fern branch stand for thousands of years? Join CSA on this safari and see for yourself real evidence regarding the age of rocks.



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Saturday - 07/13/2024