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2015 CSAMA
Monthly Meetings

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(1st Tuesday of each month; content subject to change; no sign up or registration necessary.)

  • January 6th: “Formed to Fly DVD, by Dr. David Menton, moderated by Kevin Anderson.
  • February 3rd: “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” (the 2008 motion picture) DVD, moderated by Bob Farwell.
  • March 3rd: "Lunar Eclipses," by Douglas Roger Dexheimer.
  • April 7th: “Canopy Theory,” by Dave Penny.
  • May 5th: “Living Fossils Evolution: The Grand Experiment” Episode 2 DVD, moderated by Bob Farwell.
  • June 2nd: “Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels” DVD, by Creation Ministries International, moderated by Kevin Anderson.
  • July 7th: “Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings” By Dave Penny
  • August 4th: "Compromise” moderated by Kevin Anderson
  • September 1st: “Creation Variations” by David Penny
  • October 6th: “Genesis, Babel, and the Chinese Language” DVD, by Dr. Andy McIntosh
    moderated by Bob Farwell.
  • November 3rd: “CREATION SCIENCE EVANGELISM Moving the Heart as Well as the Mind” by Ken Carlson
  • December 1st: “The Chair” by Frank Peretti DVD Moderated by Kevin Anderson

2015 CSAMA
Creation Safaris


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  • March 20 – (Friday, 7:15 PM) – Astronomy Safari.
  • April 17 – (Friday, 8:00 PM) – Astronomy Safari.
  • April 25 – (Saturday) 8AM – 6PM - Southeast KS Fossils and Mineral Safari.
  • May 15 – (Friday, 8:30 PM) – Astronomy Safari. (Canceled)
  • May 23 – 25 – (Saturday - Monday) – Southeast MO Volcanic Mountains Safari.
  • June 6 – (Saturday) -Photo/Nature Hike Creation Safari at O.P. Arboretum.
  • June 18-20 – (Thursday - Saturday) – Ozark Stream Float - Elk River.
  • June 20 – (Saturday, 8:45 PM) – Astronomy Safari. (Canceled)
  • July 11 – (Saturday, 8:45 PM) – Astronomy Safari.
  • August 14 – (Friday, 8:15) – Astronomy Safari.
  • August 15 – (Saturday) Greater KC Fossil Hunt.
  • September 4 - 7 – (Friday - Monday) –Lynn Lemons Memorial Safari / Mammoth State Park / Cahokia Mounds / Keokuk Geodes.
  • September 26 – (Saturday) – KU Natural History Museum.
  • September 11 – (Friday, 7:30 PM) – Astronomy Safari.
  • October 9 – (Friday,7:15 PM) – Astronomy Safari.
  • October 17 – (Saturday) – HaHa Tonka Safari.
  • November 6 – (Friday, 7:15 PM) – Astronomy Safari.
  • November 21 – (Saturday) – Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge Safari.

2015 CSAMA
Monthly Meeting Details


January 6th, 2015

“Formed to Fly” DVD

by Dr. David Menton

moderated by Kevin Anderson


Evolutionists have long argued that birds evolved by chance from reptiles. However, in this lecture you will see that no two classes of vertebrates differ more dramatically than do reptiles and birds. Unlike the dinosaurs, from which birds are said to have evolved, birds are truly “formed to fly.” With the aid of a scanning electron microscope, Dr. Menton examines the feathers of birds and compares them to reptile scales. Contrary to the claims of evolutionists, feathers are profoundly different from scales in every respect. It is biological nonsense to claim that one evolved from the other by chance.



February 3rd, 2015

“Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” DVD

(the 2008 motion picture)

moderated by Bob Farwell


American writer, lawyer, actor and commentator Ben Stein conducts on screen interviews with professors who have been fired for expressing views favoring the concepts of intelligent design in nature, as well as academics who support the mainline evolutionary viewpoint. Stein finds striking similarities between the views of the latter group and those of the supporters, past and present, of Nazism, Communism, eugenics, and abortion.



March 3rd, 2015

"Lunar Eclipses"

by Douglas Roger Dexheimer


The subject of blood moons, or lunar tetrads will be examined from different points of view:

  1. Scriptural passages referring to signs in the heavens.
  2. Description of the Hebrew calendar, and calendar conversions.
  3. Scriptural references to the dates for Passover and Sukkot.
  4. Historical concurrences of blood moons with the above feast days.
  5. NASA catalogs of solar and lunar eclipses.
  6. Diagrams showing the intersections of orbital planes.
  7. Symmetry of eclipses during tetrads, past and present.
  8. Commentary by creationist astronomer, Dr. Danny Faulkner.


April 7th, 2015

“Canopy Theory”

by Dave Penny


The canopy theory, defined as “the waters above the firmament" in the second day of the Genesis 1 creation account, was popularized by Henry Morris and John Whitcomb in their book, The Genesis Flood. In the last thirty years this theory has fallen into disfavor among the majority of young-earth creationists. However, more recent thought and scientific observation have given rise to a renewed support for Morris' water canopy theory as being an integral part of the pre-Flood world, as well as of the Flood itself.



May 5th, 2015

“Living Fossils Evolution: The Grand Experiment” DVD

Episode 2

moderated by Bob Farwell


Dr. Carl Werner traveled 160,000 miles, visiting 10 dinosaur dig sites and 60 natural history museums over a period of 13 years to gather the information presented in this video. To his surprise, he found examples of all of the major plant divisions and all of the major animal phyla groups living today, fossilized alongside the dinosaurs.


The biggest discovery Dr. Werner made was that some of the most important fossils were not displayed in any of the museums he visited. Have natural history museums withheld these critical fossils from their public displays, because such fossils would place the theory of evolution in jeopardy?


Included in the video is spectacular underwater footage of Dr. Werner diving at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the coral reefs in the Caribbean Sea, plus footage from dinosaur dig sites in Europe and North America.



June 2nd, 2015

“Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels” DVD

by Creation Ministries International

moderated by Kevin Anderson


The purpose of this ground breaking book and video project by CMI is to simply and concisely expose evolution’s fatal weaknesses. CMI believes evolution theory has no answer to these stated weaknesses, once properly explained and understood. The book this video is based upon is like no other work that CMI is aware of, in that it is authored exclusively by nine Ph.D. scientists. CMI's hope is that this fact alone will cause evolutionists to sit up and listen. All of these authors received their doctorates from secular universities very similar to those of their evolutionary counterparts. Each one of the authors is a specialist in his particular field of study. They include Drs. Don Batten, Jonathan Sarfati, Tas Walker, Rob Carter, Jim Mason, Emil Silvestru, John Hartnett, David Catchpoole, and Mark Harwood.


The trailer for this video:



July 7th, 2015

“Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings”

by David Penny


            In 1965 Charles Hapgood wrote a book with the above title, in which he and others concluded, after extensive research, that maps that had been widely known for centuries were actually copies of maps that had been created much earlier in history.  The stunning accuracy of these early world maps seems to indicate that they were produced by some unknown sea-faring civilization that had traveled the world centuries before the later copies emerged.  Mapped features of the continents and oceans, created using spherical trigonometry, portalon oblongs, and longitude/latitude accuracy, also indicate that the mapping was done shortly after the ice age.  The Genesis Noahic flood, followed by the Earth’s subsequent ice age, is easily harmonized with Hapgood’s analysis of these ancient world maps.



August 4th, 2015


by Kevin Anderson


Compromise can be a good thing.  For example, it can help mend a relationship.  But what about a relationship between truth and fiction?  A compromise in that case creates only fiction.  Many who attempt to find a compromise between "science" and "religion" end up deferring to man's wisdom instead of God's truth.  This is because any division between science and religion portends a false dichotomy: a compromise between the real science of God's truth about the history of our origin, and man's best speculation on our origin without God.  The result is the exchange of truth for a lie see Romans 1:25.



September 1st, 2015

Creation Variations

by David Penny


Among young-earth, young-universe creationists, there exist a number who propose a variety of models attempting to harmonize Einstein’s “theory of general relativity” with an earth whose age is less than 7,000 years.  Most of these hypotheses involve time dilation: i.e., a slow passage of time in Earth’s frame of reference, accompanied by a rapid expansion of the universe in the universe’s frame of reference.  These models are usually based upon the Genesis reference to the Creator’s stretching out of the heavens on the fourth day of creation.  To explain this, these relativistic creationists, using the terminology of general relativity, say that the Creator stretched out the time-space continuum with the celestial bodies in it.   However, there is an alternative explanation which conforms to the 6-day creation model of Genesis 1 in absolute time and space, yet does not draw upon general relativity’s elastic time-space continuum.  



October 6th, 2015

Genesis, Babel, and the Chinese Language” DVD

by Dr. Andy McIntosh


Moterated by Bob Farwell


What evidence do we have today that Noah’s flood and the confusion of tongues at Babel were real, historical events?


In this video, Dr. Andy McIntosh reveals astonishing findings which dramatically demonstrate that such biblical subjects as a Creator God, the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, original sin, Noah’s flood, and the dispersion of peoples at Babel (Genesis chapters 1 through 11) are vividly recorded within the written language of ancient China, in the form of ideographic characters.



November 3rd, 2015

Moving the Heart as Well as the Mind

by Ken Carlson


The most fundamental question of all is, “Where did we come from?”  The working answer to this question is the foundation upon which one’s philosophy of life or worldview is constructed.


To genuinely love our neighbor is to be deeply concerned about his everlasting future, and to help him to have and enjoy the ultimate relationship, the one we can have with the Son of God through His word and the Holy Spirit.  It is not about trying to win a debate or argument with him about origins, but rather about winning his heart, soul, and mind.


“And He [Jesus] said to them, ‘Why are you troubled, and why do doubts arise in your hearts? See my hands and my feet, that it is I myself. Touch me, and see. For a spirit does not have flesh and bones as you see that I have.’”  This is an amazing passage because it tells us that even with all the miracles that Jesus performed to establish his bonafides, even after seeing His resurrected body, some of His disciples still had doubts that He had arisen from the dead.  (Matthew 14:28-32; 28:16-18, Mark 11:23; Luke 24:37-42; James 1:5-9.)


Our objective should be to take believers and unbelievers to an “aha!” moment that moves them from doubt or unbelief to a doubt-free belief -- not unlike that which occurred with doubting Thomas, one of Jesus’ disciples (John 20:24-29).  When he met the risen Lord, doubting Thomas exclaimed, “My Lord and My God!”  He then knew beyond ALL reasonable doubt that ALL scripture really is God-breathed and true!  (2 Timothy 3:16.)


We are not wrestling with flesh and blood (i.e., contending with only physical opposition), but against the despotisms, against the powers, against [the master spirits who are] the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spirit forces of wickedness in the heavenly (supernatural) sphere (Ephesians 6:12, Amplified Bible, Classic Edition).  Many Christians still doubt the spiritual dimension of this war.


It appears that in this war our opposition is very well organized and committed, while our side is not.  In fact sometimes we are fighting one another.  This war is stifling our ability to reach our objective which Jesus set forth in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).


This presentation will consider the following topics:

  • The nature of this war and the enemy.
  • How our enemy focuses on winning the heart, while we are focused on winning the mind (facts and data).
  • If our enemy is able to win your heart over to a lie, your mind will be “closed” to the truth.  This was the tactic employed by Satan prior to the commission of the first sin. (Genesis 3:1-6.)
  • Which battlefields, as seen from God’s perspective, are the most important?
  • On which of these battlefields are we most likely to win, and which battles are the easiest to win?
  • Which victories will lead to maximum gain toward winning the war?



December 1st, 2015

“The Chair” by Frank Peretti DVD

moderated by Kevin Anderson


This is a philosophical lecture concerning the concept of a fixed point of reference. It deals with relativism, subjectivism, and absolutism. Quirky, even strange, yet funny -- Christian author Peretti explains it well. Frank opens your eyes to God's truth using humor, fact, and everyday illustrations of a world gone mad. Using only a chair, Frank shows the absurdity of lacking a fixed point of reference outside one’s life, and the ramifications of such a handicap. You'll laugh and cry. This is a must-see for teens and adults alike.


2015 CSAMA
Family Creation Safari Details


March 20 – (Friday) - Astronomy Safari*


April 17 – (Friday) - Astronomy Safari*


April 25 – (Saturday) 8AM - 6PM - Southeast KS Fossils and Mineral Safari

A day trip to see “Big Brutus,” and a short trek to Pitcher, Oklahoma. We’ll hunt for fossils and minerals along the way, and have some inspiring discussions about fossil and coal formation.


May 15 (Friday) Astronomy Safari* (Canceled)


May 23 - 25 – (Saturday - Monday) Southeast MO Volcanic Mountains Safari

The SE Missouri Ozarks are among the most beautiful areas in the nation. Sights we'll see include: Missouri's tallest mountain; water slides made by God; a river that disappears; water falls; historic silver, lead, and iron mines; and campsites right on the beautiful Black River. It is a long trip for a weekend, but it is well worth it. CSA has visited this area over Labor Day weekend in the past. This is the first time we plan to go there over Memorial Day weekend.


June 6 – (Saturday) Photo/Nature Hike Safari at O.P. Arboretum

Join us for a nature hike and photo safari in the botanical gardens and nature trails of the Overland Park Arboretum. Not a photo bug? We’ll present some basic photo techniques to help get you started. We’ll also discuss God's wonderful creation and suggest photo subjects so you can share what you’ve learned by posting photos on Facebook, other social media, e-mails, or perhaps by simply sharing them in a slide show for your Sunday school class or other venue. So pack your camera, water, trail mix, and comfortable shoes, and join us as we learn to appreciate God's wonderful creation.


June 18-20 –  (Thursday - Saturday) Ozark Stream Float - Elk River

A beautiful river that will provide family fun, fishing, and fellowship. By getting there on Thursday and floating on Friday we miss most of the noisy groups, which makes for better fishing.


June 20 – (Saturday) Astronomy Safari* (Canceled)


July 11 – (Saturday) Astronomy Safari*


August 14 (Friday) Astronomy Safari*


August 15 – (Saturday) Greater KC Fossil Hunt 

We visit many of Kansas City’s fossil sites and bring home lots of fossils and a respect for the Biblical flood.


September 4 - 7 – (Friday - Monday)

Lynn Lemons Memorial Safari / Mammoth State Park / Cahokia Mounds / Keokuk Geodes

(We'll visit two or three of the above-named areas. Final details, including available camping facilities, will be carefully determined and posted in plenty of time for you to organize your trip.)

  • Geode hunting in Keokuk area, where the States of Iowa, Illinois and Missouri meet along the Mighty Mississippi River.
  • Indian Mound exploration in Cahokia Mounds State Park in Illinois, across the Mississippi River from St. Louis.
  • Mammoth State Park, south of St. Louis, Missouri.

September 11 (Friday) Astronomy Safari*


September26–  (Saturday) KU Natural History Museum

This very popular safari is back. Last year we did it three times. Yet once more, we'll enter “evolution´s cathedral” to unmask its misleading displays and show that the same evidence better supports creation. We’ll also do some fossil hunting on the way there, so that you can collect some evidence of your own.


October 9   (Friday) Astronomy Safari*


October 17 –  (Saturday) HaHa Tonka Safari)

We’ll visit the karst topography (caves, sink holes, rock bridges) of Ha Ha Tonka State Park around Camdenton, Missouri, and later, Jacob’s Cave.  


November 6 (Friday) Astronomy Safari*


November 21 – (Saturday) Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge Safari

Depending on the weather, we’ll see somewhere around 400,000 snow geese and 124 bald eagles, along with ducks, herons, and trumpeter swans. A bird lover´s paradise, although it can get quite cold. It´s well worth bundling up for. We´ll fossil-hunt on the way. We´ll stop to see and discuss some ice-age loess soil. We also discuss migration patterns and the “dinosaur-to-bird” evolution story.


*Please note: Astronomy Safaris are held (weather permitting) at The Berry Patch, 22509 State Line Road, in Cleveland, Missouri. Each safari consists of an inspiring slide seminar, followed by a tour of the heavens using tracking telescopes and binoculars. Don't wait to see if the weather will permit.  Instead, sign up, and we’ll contact you if we decide to cancel. 



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