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CSA News
The Creation Science Association for Mid-America
Volume 32 (3)
March 2015
"It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man."
Psalm 118:8


In This Issue

“Incredible Astronomical Symmetry”

“Reflections on Baraminology”


Incredible Astronomical Symmetry

by Douglas Roger Dexheimer


"Sun – Shine; Moon – Glow; Stars - Twinkle!”1


We have read that our Creator put the Sun, Moon and stars in their places "for signs and seasons."2


Previous articles in this newsletter have discussed:

  • "SIGNS AND SEASONS: Biblical References to Heavenly Bodies": Biblical instruction for observing Feasts of the LORD.
  • "CALENDAR CONVERSION CONSIDERATIONS" between Gregorian and Hebrew calendars.
  • Geometry of orbits of Earth and Moon, showing the unusual alignments required for lunar tetrads.

This article is yet another in our ongoing series on lunar tetrads that are occurring at this time. I am going to show you some patterns of eclipses that have occurred in the past, and associate them with events in the land of Israel.


You may have noticed a series of dates on a poster prepared by Mr. Lu Vegas. Those dates are previous incidences of lunar tetrads, also known as Blood Moons


Lu Vegas' artwork caught my attention and resulted in a link to Mr. Paul Grevas' website, from which you can see the most incredible patterns of eclipses that were in the heavens at the time of previous lunar tetrads.3


Grevas has the following disclaimer on his website:

My name is Paul Grevas....  I have been a Statistician my entire working career in Gov’t and the private sector and am now retired….We hereby give our total unfettered  permission and encouragement to promote this graph 8A (and all the others).  We waive all and every privacy right, copyright, patent, and all other legal rulings and arrangements because time is just too short.  Our Lord is coming sooner than we may think, these Heavenly SIGNS tells us so.  May you verify and judge this data for yourselves by doing the calculations yourselves. Although it is laborious time wise it is quite simple, all you need is a regular calendar and NASA website dates on all the Eclipses.  Don’t believe me, believe 1 John 4:1 and you’ll know.  May God Bless.4

Grevas has found additional solar and lunar eclipses that surround the dates of lunar tetrads.  The symmetry is incredible.  The names he gave these past events are self-explanatory.  These can be verified by checking the NASA Catalog of Eclipses.5


In the following graphs, you can see that there were solar eclipses before and after the center of some of these lunar tetrads.  Similarly, you will see that there were lunar eclipses before and after the center of the lunar tetrads. Let's take a look at the events that were occurring during previous lunar tetrads.




Notice the two singular Blood Moons preceding and following the date of the crucifixion.  You can see that the tetrad pattern is established with lunar eclipses on the feasts of Passover & Tabernacles, but the third and fourth lunar tetrads are not total, but partial. Grevas has written an email to me to the effect that the total solar eclipse that is recorded in Luke 23:44 is a miraculous event which is not cataloged by NASA. 




Grevas discovered that this tetrad coincides with the feasts of Passover and Tabernacles.




Grevas discovered that this tetrad coincides with the feasts of Passover and Tabernacles.  He also discovered lunar eclipses that surrounded the event, but these do not fall on feast days.




Grevas discovered that this tetrad coincides with the feasts of Passover and Tabernacles.  He also discovered solar and lunar eclipses that surrounded the event.




Grevas discovered that this tetrad coincides with the feasts of Passover and Tabernacles.  He also discovered solar and lunar eclipses that surrounded the event.




Grevas discovered that this tetrad coincides with the feasts of Passover and Tabernacles.  He also discovered solar and lunar eclipses that surrounded the event.




Grevas discovered that this tetrad coincides with the feasts of Passover and Tabernacles.  He also discovered solar and lunar eclipses that surrounded the event.




Grevas discovered that this tetrad coincides with the feasts of Passover and Tabernacles.  He also discovered solar and lunar eclipses that surrounded the event.




Grevas discovered this tetrad coincides with the feasts of Passover and Tabernacles.  He also discovered solar and lunar eclipses that surrounded the event.



The coming 2014-2015 Biblical Blood Moon Tetrad is unstoppable, phenomenal, and absolutely unprecedented, like no other of the seven previous ones in world history can match. These coming Blood Moons and their accompanying heavenly signs even supersede the signs our Creator displayed in the heavens during the crucifixion, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, and that event is possibly the greatest in world history, other than creation.6


Statistician Paul Grevas has determined that the timing of this unusual lunar tetrad is so rare, "The probability of successfully predicting 4 consecutive BLOOD MOONS to fall on these 2 Holy Days beginning ... with Passover … on the first of the 2014-2015 BLOOD MOONS is INDESCRIBABLE: 1 chance in 1.85 x 10 to the 139th power. Yes, that is 139 consecutive zeroes."7


When will the next lunar tetrad occur?  "NASA says there will be no more ‘BIBLICAL’ TETRADS for almost another 600 years, until the year 2582-83 AD."8 (Please look it up on NASA websites.)




Stay tuned.  We are living in very unusual days.  The LORD set the Sun, and Moon into their orbits long ago, to be a sign to mankind that something incredible is about to happen.  With the understanding of orbital geometry, and calendar conversions, we are in a unique position in history to watch our Creator's timetable unfold.


There have been numerous so-called prophets in the past that have calculated the day of our Lord’s return.  Those calculations failed. 


In the New Testament we find:

There will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth, dismay among nations, in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves, men fainting from fear and the expectation of the things which are coming upon the world; for the powers of the heavens will be shaken.


Then they will see THE SON OF MAN COMING IN A CLOUD with power and great glory.


But when these things begin to take place, straighten up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.9 Luke 21: 25-8.  (Emphasis in original.)

The pattern of signs and seasons that our LORD placed in the heavens are uncanny, and unique.  Rather than try to calculate what day our LORD will return, these signs and seasons are determined by the movements of the heavenly bodies.  All we can truthfully say, based on previous lunar tetrads, is that it seems something momentous is about to occur.       


In a future newsletter, we expect to have some quotations from creationist astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner and others, in addition to some Bible scholars.


In subsequent months, we will have reports on the third of four Blood Moons.

1 Loose paraphrase of Gen 1:14.

2 Genesis 1: 14.

3 http://bloodmoonscoming.com/?page_id=127

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5 http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/LEhistory/LEhistory.html

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9 New American Standard Bible, electronic edition, 1986. La Habra, CA:

            The Lockman Foundation.



April Monthly Meeting

April 7th, 2015

“Canopy Theory”

by Dave Penny


The canopy theory, defined as “the waters above the firmament" in the second day of the Genesis 1 creation account, was popularized by Henry Morris and John Whitcomb in their book, The Genesis Flood. In the last thirty years this theory has fallen into disfavor among the majority of young-earth creationists. However, more recent thought and scientific observation have given rise to a renewed support for Morris' water canopy theory as being an integral part of the pre-Flood world, as well as of the Flood itself.



Monthly Meetings


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  • January 6th: “Formed to Fly DVD, by Dr. David Menton,
    moderated by Kevin Anderson.
  • February 3rd: “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” (the 2008 motion picture) DVD,
    moderated by Bob Farwell.
  • March 3rd: "Lunar Eclipses,"
    by Douglas Roger Dexheimer.
  • April 7th: “Canopy Theory,”
    by Dave Penny.
  • May 5th: “Living Fossils Evolution: The Grand Experiment” DVD, episode 2,
    moderated by Bob Farwell.
  • June 2nd: “Evolution’s Achille’s Heels” DVD, by Creation Ministries International,
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    by Dave Penny.
  • August 4th: "Compromise”,
    moderated by Kevin Anderson.
  • September 1st: “Creation Variations,”
    by Dave Penny.
  • October 6th: “Chinese Characters or Mysteries Confucius Cannot Solve” DVD,
    moderated by Bob Farwell.
  • November 3rd: “Q&A on Ham/Nye Debate,”
    by Ken Carlson.
  • December 1st: “The Chair” DVD, by Frank Peretti,
    moderated by Kevin Anderson.

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Reflections on Baraminology

by Douglas Roger Dexheimer and Todd Elder




Note: Todd Elder explores/expands the concept of categorizing species within kinds in an article entitled, SPECIES CONCEPTS.  Todd is owner of the Exploring Creation website, coordinator of the Creation Science League, and founder of the Encouraging Life Children’s Mission. He is currently authoring the Elder's Model of Creation series and doing research in the field of baraminology.  He is about to publish a book on this subject, entitled Created Kinds.1  Todd has graciously granted us his permission to reprint his article.2


(by Todd Elder)


The attempt to classify plants and animals into species is challenging. Both creationists and evolutionists alike have developed various species concepts to help in this quest to distinguish one type of plant or animal from another.


Species Concepts in Creation


Katagenos Species Concept


The Katagenos Species Concept combines the terminology of Linnaean classification, Baraminology, and breeding techniques into a unified whole. It is an attempt at defining both kinds and species while allowing for a discontinuity between kinds and a continuity between animals or plants within a kind.


Revelatory Species Concept


The Revelatory Species Concept is based on Romans 1:18-20 which, according to Kurt Wise, “suggests that God created the universe with physical illustrations of His invisible attributes and God created humans with the ability to recognize those illustrations.” The concept states that organisms were created in recognizable groups, distinct from all other groups, and display the basic characteristics of the Creator. It is illustrated as brushstrokes in a painting with species representing the finest brushstrokes. Humans are regarded as able to innately recognize species and nested hierarchies that reflect creation’s design.


Species Concepts in Evolution


Ring Species Concept


Ring Species are defined as a series of connected populations which spread around a geographic barrier where neighboring populations are able to interbreed but the distant populations that meet after the barrier are unable to interbreed. The basic idea was first suggested in the early 1900's and the concept was formalized in the 1940's. This idea was to show in a spatial dimension what is typically expected of evolution in a time dimension. Only a few species have been suggested as potential Ring Species, but with further study each has been found to not qualify as true Ring Species. Therefore, the Ring Species concept is an evolutionary idea lacking any proven examples.


Biological Species Concept


The Biological Species Concept was first proposed by Ernst Mayr and defines a species by the possibility of animals interbreeding. This system allows similar groups of animals (with only slight variation) to be grouped into the same species because they would probably interbreed if given the opportunity. This is difficult to test because animal populations that are separated, such as by geographic distance, do not give the opportunity to observe if they will actually interbreed.


Phylogenetic Species Concept


The Phylogenetic Species Concept states that geographically separated forms of the same type of animal should be considered distinct species. This does not consider whether the separated groups could interbreed. Instead, it considers that separated groups are evolving separately and therefore will be acquiring a unique genetic history. This has the effect of creating many more species than the Biological Species Concept.


Morphological Species Concept


The Morphological Species Concept (also known as the Typological Species concept) is the traditional method of determining species as used by Linnaeus and Darwin. This method categorizes species by phenotype (the observable appearance and anatomical features) of the organisms involved. This method usually ignores geographic separation and, therefore, fewer species are made because all of the individual groups are taken as a single species. This method has generally lost favor as genetic studies have gained favor except where asexual reproduction occurs.


Classifying Paleospecies


The study of old or extinct species presents special problems in classification. The exact appearance of the animal is often limited to a few fossil samples and may only include bones. These samples may be separated not only geographically but chronologically (by time) as well making classification more difficult as there are different stages in the same evolving line (chronospecies). Furthermore, it is not possible to test if one animal fossil could interbreed with another fossil or with a living relative today which makes the Biological Species Concept inapplicable.


End of  Species Concepts article by Todd Elder.




Speaking of paleospecies, would you believe it’s possible to clone an adult dinosaur from a female frog?  That’s the idea behind the Jurasic Park motion picture series, a concept easily debunked as follows:

In the film, scientists clone dinosaurs by extracting dinosaur blood (and DNA) from mosquitoes fossilized in amber. Unfortunately, this method of bringing back to life ancient thunder lizards was thoroughly debunked in September last year, when a group of scientist put "the final nail in the Jurassic Park coffin."


The researchers from Manchester University attempted to extract DNA from insects preserved in copal (an intermediate stage between tree resin and amber) that ranged in age from 60 to 10,600 years old. Using the most advanced extraction methods available (which have previously been successful in retrieving DNA from other types of preserved life forms) they were completely unable to reclaim any DNA – ancient or otherwise.


This is simply because DNA molecules just aren’t that tough. They have a half-life of only about 521 years and various environmental conditions – including temperature, microbes, and oxygenation – will only speed up the process of degradation. And although the oldest authentic DNA sequence is thought to be about half a million years old, this is still 65 million years too young to have anything to do with dinosaurs.


For fans of Jurassic Park, this is probably mixed news - dinosaurs going on a rampage on a remote island certainly sounds pretty terrifying but it would also be a sci-fi dream come true. If you're still determined to get some face time with a Velociraptor then forget about the DNA and try building a time machine instead."3

Also, look for hints of baraminology concepts in the current TV series, "Elementary."  In a recent installment (February 12th), the screenwriter copied the idea of cloning a species in an attempt to "re-breed" an extinct species.  The episode featured a theft of pregnant zebras which had been experimentally inseminated with stem cells from an extinct species.  Their unscrupulous manipulation of nature resulted in the creation of a foal of an extinct species of zebra, the quagga.   It seems the screenwriter knows about The Quagga Project, which is

an attempt by a group in South Africa to selectively breed a lineage of the plains zebra, which resemble the extinct quagga (Equus quagga quagga).  In 2004, the 83 zebras in the program were living in 11 localities near Cape Town. On January 20th of 2005, a foal, considered to be the first quagga-like individual because of visibly reduced striping, was born.4



The quagga has the shape of a zebra, but instead of being black and white, it is brown, with white stripes only on the front of its torso, and on its neck and head.


The same screenwriter mentioned above used the concept of genetics in another episode of "Elementary."  This time the fictitious expert botanist cloned a very rare and costly orchid that was thought to be extinct.  The orchid looked something like the ghost orchid pictured here.5


The ghost orchid is a fascinating rare plant that was presumed extinct for almost 20 years.  Only recently did it rear its head again. The plant is rare because it is basically impossible to propagate. It has no leaves, does not depend on photosynthesis, and does not manufacture its own food. Like the lady slipper, it requires a specific fungus living in close contact with its root system, which feeds it. The ghost orchid never grows leaves, and will therefore always depend on the fungus for its nourishment. It can live underground for years with no apparent evidence of its existence, and will bloom only under optimal conditions. This explains why some orchid enthusiasts search year after year, just for a glimpse of this elusive flower.6


1 http://www.amazon.com/Created-Kinds-Exploring-Baraminology-Creation/dp/1493703854/

2 Email from Todd Elder to the CSAMA Newsletter Editor dated 2/7/2015.

3 http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/british-scientist-clone-dinosaur-they-havent-they-wont-and-they-never-will--heres-why-9225781.html

4 http://www.quaggaproject.org/

5 http://listverse.com/2011/10/25/top-10-incredibly-rare-flowers/

6 ibid.


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