Truth about the Kansas Science Standards Tornado


Purpose: The purpose of this document is to present the truth regarding the chain of events that led up to the "Kansas Science Standards Tornado", which was incorrectly, or incompletely reported by the media. We can speak with a certain amount of authority on this current topic of vital concern, for a number of the members of the Creation Science Association of Mid America were personally and intimately involved over the course of many months. This page will be under construction for some time as the participants contribute their insights into the events.

Kansas Science Standards and Proposed National Science Standards: The Lord willing, we will be adding more information to this section, but, for now this is the only place in the world where you can learn for yourself exactly what the issues were before the Kansas Board. For true information on what happened in the Kansas Science Standards debate, see the following: where you can find important historical documentation. Click on "Downloads - Kansas Opportunities," or simply select one of the options below: (to view and/or print the html version on screen), or (to download a MS Word copy).

This is the last draft of the Citizens Drafting Committee proposed standards. This is the one we expect many other states will consider, though the one finally approved by the Board is a vast improvement over the State Draft.

Also see: This is the last draft of the "State Drafting Committee." This has the interesting property of being the draft that they deleted nearly ever use of the word "evolution," substituting "cumulative change" or "Patterns of Cumulative Change."   Following is the key classic paragraph where evolution was deleted as a word, but left as a concept that students had to "understand" in order to do science:

"Patterns of Cumulative Change:  Accumulated changes through time, some gradual and some sporadic, account for the present form and function of objects, organisms, and natural systems. The general idea is that the present arises from materials and forms of the past. An example of cumulative change is the biological theory of evolution, which explains the process of descent with modification of organisms from common ancestors. Additional examples are continental drift, which is part of plate tectonic theory, fossilization, and erosion. Patterns of cumulative change also help to describe the current structure of the universe." is the Kansas State Board of Education Site where you will find the final draft of the Kansas Science Standards, as adopted by the Kansas State Board of Education. Only an HTML version is available at this time. It can be saved to your computer, or printed on line while you are viewing it.

These standards are far better than those proposed by the State Drafting Committee. We will be providing more factual information shortly.